Murder, investigation, police and the CBI – too many problems …

The Arushi murder case was finally decided by a court, 5 years after the twin murders of Arushi and the family servant, Hemraj. If there ever was to be a book published on how not to run a murder enquiry, this case can fill in many chapters in the book, and because of the incredible […]

The tussle between Kapil Sibal and the IIT’s over the new proposed admission process

This post is not about the merits of the proposal that was mooted by the Human Resources Development ministry for the admission process into the IIT’s, the proposal talking about having a quota for the marks attained in the boards (and which will have a single test for all these top institutes such as IIT’s, […]


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The recent uproar in the India Parliament over ambedkar’s 60 year old cartoon lead to the resignation […]