The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket) loses in court against 2 IPL teams

The BCCI (the cricket board of India) considers itself all powerful, and with its commercial success and huge monetary balances, it also has a lot of powerful political patronage (after all, the all powerful Union Minister Sharad Pawar is in charge of the cricket body). And, goaded by competition from Subash Chandra’s ICL, the BCCI […]

Lalit Modi, and how the IPL issue is blowing into a Congress-NCP issue

It seemed like a small issue, and initially, we could not believe it. How can Lalit Modi, who otherwise seemed such a successful organizer (and would have had to overcome so many obstacles including people trying to take his position) find himself in such a position. And the more so with Shashi Tharoor, who had […]

The whole drama over the IPL and Pakistani players

Why is that the IPL always have some kind of drama even before it starts ? Last year it was all about the Government not willing to provide the required level of security, and after some words between Lalit Modi (who eventually works for BCCI, which was headed by Sharad Pawar), the whole tournament was […]