Anticipating the Supreme Court judgment on May 08 2013 after the fresh affidavit by the CBI ..

Hope is eternal, but there have not been too many reasons to have hope. On seeing the history of countries around the world, there have specific turnaround points or phases in the lives of a country; some of them desired by the disgust of a society, and others pushed by the judicial system of a […]

Delhi 5 year old child rape case – enquiry confirms that police offered Rs. 2000 to close the case

When a major case happens, the first major step of the police is to try and keep the case under wraps so that there are no aspersions cast on them. This gets increased when it is clear that they could have done far more, and the quest is to somehow ensure that the family involved […]

More trouble for Government – senior office caught on camera striking young women in a heinous case ..

The Nirbhaya case supposedly showed the Government several lessons, none of which have been apparently learned. The most prominent example that the Government should have learned is that there is a rage in the population (or rather, in the otherwise unconcerned middle class) which is stoked by the media looking for some hot and controversial […]