Personal Finance: Insurance regulator gets strict on orphan policies

What are orphan insurance policies ? These are policies where the agent who sold these policies has shifter to another company, and the person who bought these policies no longer has an agent or an intermediary to help service them. This is a common problem in the life insurance business, since: – An agent will […]

Consumer: Man gets succour from Delhi High Court after hand gets crushed

One reads in the newspaper all the time about some accident whereby a person gets injured due to rash or negligent driving by the driver of a vehicle (in numerous cases, this rash driving would be done by the driver of a bus or truck, and because of the size and weight of this large […]

Consumer: Insurance firm forced to return amount plus charges for harassment

A lot of people consider Insurance companies a necessary evil. In these modern times, insurance for life, health, house, car, etc, is absolutely essential; at the same time, people have to fight regular battles with insurance companies that try to deny their claims for some reason, or sometimes misplace documents. It is also not unknown […]