Land acquisition – Government as a land broker

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If you had a chance to venture into the suburbs of major cities looking for a piece of land – you would have had an opportunity to see that anyone without […]

Slow rate of growth of the economy and promises to make it better – lot of hot air ?

It has been more than a couple of years since the Indian economy started declining from the high levels of 8-9%, a time when the Government was high on the prospects of India reaching the same growth level of China and also patting themselves on the back about riding out the overall global depression. When […]

Reasons why the Supreme Court gets into policy decisions, Government neglect

Each time there is a serious judgment by the Supreme Court or a report by the CAG which goes against the Government, there are a number of people who get up from the Government side and claim that all these constitutional bodies are over-stepping their boundaries and that it is only the Government which can […]