The hidden cost of lakhs of crores – Auctions

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Recently the Telecom spectrum was auctioned for a whopping one lakh crores. The coal block licensing was also sold for two lakh crores. It has been all over the news as a positive […]

Indian economy – The problems for Chidambaram ….

Right now, the various credit rating agencies are probably the biggest saviors of the Indian economy, and are the only ones standing in the way of the ongoing destruction of fiscal principles (some would even call it the rape of the Indian economy) by the 2 UPA (chiefly Congress) Governments. But this is not something […]

The Government under pressure on another front – getting back money stashed outside

The Congress (UPA) Government is already under pressure on a number of different fronts related to corruption, and the perception that the Government has started drifting on policy matters has been increasing to a large degree. With the recent disruption in the entire winter session of Parliament over the demand for a JPC probe in […]