The push for making harder laws whenever there is a heinous crime ..

At the time of the Nirbhaya gang-rape crime in December, because of the huge public pressure and the constant focus of the media, there was a push for making more strict laws to punish such offenders. The idea of having the death penalty in the case of rape was pushed strongly, as that would serve […]

More trouble for Government – senior office caught on camera striking young women in a heinous case ..

The Nirbhaya case supposedly showed the Government several lessons, none of which have been apparently learned. The most prominent example that the Government should have learned is that there is a rage in the population (or rather, in the otherwise unconcerned middle class) which is stoked by the media looking for some hot and controversial […]

Indian police force – its reputation now in tatters, and yet no reform ..

If you want to read about police reform, you will find an incredible number of articles available on the internet which talk about a case where the Supreme Court asked all the states and the central Government to implement a series of reforms for the police. The Indian police force acts on the basis of […]