The struggling economy and the challenges for the UPA

We remember those times a few years back when the economy was growing at rates of around 8-9%, and there was a lot of talk of India catching up and maybe over-taking China in terms of growth rates, even though the size of the economy was still very different. However, over the past few years, […]

Public protest and the Indian democracy

These days, India is reverberating with protests, many of them distinctly political in nature. There are these usual bandhs and strikes called by the trade unions arising from the adverse effects of the economic policies of the central government (some being implemented, many others in the pipeline) on the lives of industrial workers, farmers, tribals, […]

The recovery of the monsoon – a savior for the Government

In the month of July, especially near the end, panic was setting in many states in the country, especially in states such as Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Karnataka. And of course, the central Government was in a panic, since a low monsoon meant reduced water in reservoirs, and this was even more problematic since low […]