Slow rate of growth of the economy and promises to make it better – lot of hot air ?

It has been more than a couple of years since the Indian economy started declining from the high levels of 8-9%, a time when the Government was high on the prospects of India reaching the same growth level of China and also patting themselves on the back about riding out the overall global depression. When […]

The Modi effect – states starting to push their development index … but superficial ?

The UPA Government came in with a lot of promise, and with an element of surprise, since not everybody expected the BJP to lose to the Congress in the 2004 elections. Yet, the Congress got a higher number of seats, and with the support of the Left, formed a Government. In between they dumped the […]

Indian economy on a depressed mode – down to 5% growth, and no real up signs …

For a couple of years now, the UPA Government seems to be floundering; actually this is almost from within a few months of the second win in 2009. The Government came in with an enhanced mandate in 2009, making everybody feel that the Government now had the mandate and the support to do the reforms […]