The collapse of hope – Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh

After covering yesterday the hope that Mamta Banerjee had raised in the people of Bengal and the way that she has gone about arrogantly crushing that hope made me realize that there are others who came in with a lot of hope, and who have steadily been crushing the hope that people have in them. […]

The rise of AAP

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First let me take some credit for myself – for rightly predicting a rise of a political force after the Anna Hazare movement in 2011. (http://indiapoliticalblog.com/2011/04/19/anna-hazare-the-catalyst-of-new-india/)

I am also glad, I used the word […]

Aam Aadmi party ready to form Government in Delhi, with support from Congress

Just a few backs, the Congress was the party against which the AAP used to speak the most (justified since it is the Congress in power, not the BJP); so to switch over to a regime where it is in power based on the support of the Congress is a huge switch. It is the […]