Where does the Congress party go from here ?

This is one of the most curious questions in Indian politics right now, but in a problem for the Congress party, there are a large number of people who do not really care for what will bring the Congress party to life. There is no beating around the bush – the Congress is in a […]

Current India’s Picture – Root Cause Analysis in a Soft Engineer’s language

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Today when I was driving down my way back from office to home, on a square the traffic police wasn’t present and people were driving crazily just to reach their home 2 minutes early. […]

Personal finance: Indian stock market recommendations as of 13 September 2009

If you look at what analysts are recommending (that is, if you believe what analysts have to say after the events of the past few months), then the recommendations are never simple. The overall market situation remains complex: – The rainfall over the past few weeks has reduced the overall rainfall deficit for the year […]