Last act before leaving – CAG sends out report on MNREGA

Today was a big day for the UPA Government. A single person has been a source of huge problems for the Congress led Government over the past couple of years. It typically has been one person who can cause problems – for example, Seshan caused huge problems to the Government of that time when he […]

Indian economy on a depressed mode – down to 5% growth, and no real up signs …

For a couple of years now, the UPA Government seems to be floundering; actually this is almost from within a few months of the second win in 2009. The Government came in with an enhanced mandate in 2009, making everybody feel that the Government now had the mandate and the support to do the reforms […]

The struggling economy and the challenges for the UPA

We remember those times a few years back when the economy was growing at rates of around 8-9%, and there was a lot of talk of India catching up and maybe over-taking China in terms of growth rates, even though the size of the economy was still very different. However, over the past few years, […]