The Lokpal – promise by Parliament ? Will never happen voluntarily

When there was the big debates happening all over in August last year about the Lokpal, and the hunger strike by Anna Hazare, there was also a lot of pointing out that this was a wrong mission. Parliament is Supreme, and we should count upon the representatives of the people to do their duty by […]

The Lokpal Bill – Current status of the discussion by the Parliamentary committee

Twice this year, there has been a lot of controversy over the Lokpal Bill. In April, the issue burst onto the limelight when Anna Hazare sat on a dharna at the Jantar Mantar in the capital, Delhi, protesting against the Government wanting to have a watered down version of the Lokpal. The move generated an […]

What exactly is happening in the case of the Jan Lokapal Bill ?

Ever since August, when Anna launched his fast, which was such a huge success in terms of getting the Government to move from not contemplating any changes in the Government version of the Lokpal bill, to a state where Parliament had accepted most of the propositions of Anna (without actually committing to the Bill). The […]