BJP continues to steam-roll its way, but ….

The BJP is on a roll. After the Lok Sabha elections exceeded probably even the normal expectations of the BJP leadership, it would seem that the party had proved that Modi was the vote-getter, the mascot, the one who would drive the aspirations of the BJP. The subsequent state elections proved this further, with the […]

Priyanka Gandhi and her campaign – positive or negative for Congress

For those who do not remember, in the initial years when it was not clear as to whether it would be Priyanka Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi who would be the heir apparent, the pendulum seemed to be swinging towards Priyanka Gandhi. And then suddenly, Rahul Gandhi came into the forefront, to be the heir apparent […]

Is the BJP running out of steam, or are these just minor hiccups ?

For some time now, the BJP has been a party that is clearly in the front. There is a huge amount of anti-incumbency in the country, and the BJP has been capitalizing on that feeling. Narendra Modi has been showing the development of Gujarat as a model for the rest of the country, as a […]