The Bihar elections – a pretty complex affair

The Bihar elections is promising to be a pretty complex and messy affair. On a high level, it seems to be a pretty simple matter, with a confrontation between 2 rival alliances – these being the BJP led alliance on one side, and the messy secular alliance on the other side. The Lok Sabha elections […]

The Delhi elections – too many complexities

For such a small state, when you compare with the neighbors, Delhi seems to have an over-sized political significance. Delhi has 7 Lok Sabha seats while the neighboring Uttar Pradesh has more than 80 Lok Sabha seats. Yet, the amount of media attention that is being paid to the Delhi state elections is incredible. And […]

Where does the Congress party go from here ?

This is one of the most curious questions in Indian politics right now, but in a problem for the Congress party, there are a large number of people who do not really care for what will bring the Congress party to life. There is no beating around the bush – the Congress is in a […]