The Election Commission announces the date for 2014 elections ..

Finally, something that everybody has been waiting for finally came to be. The elections will be spread across multiple phases, as many as 9 phases, starting from the 7th of April and going upto the 12th May 2014. This is a mega election, with the scale not seen in any other country in the world. […]

Politicians losing their way – Mamta Banerjee ..

It can be sometimes hard to look at a disaster happening and wonder why that disaster is happening, and yet it continues to happen; in a number of cases, it seems like because of the arrogance of one person – in most cases, it is one person rather than a group. This starting line seems […]

Aam Aadmi party ready to form Government in Delhi, with support from Congress

Just a few backs, the Congress was the party against which the AAP used to speak the most (justified since it is the Congress in power, not the BJP); so to switch over to a regime where it is in power based on the support of the Congress is a huge switch. It is the […]