Exit polls for states – Assam, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Kerala and Puducherry

In India, the electoral scene has got so tough over the years that state polls are seen as a barometer of how well the political parties are doing. So, before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP was winning in the elections held in states months before the national elections, and it was as a […]

What will the DMK do now ? – It’s ministers are under trouble and clan daughter is in jail

The DMK is in a huge amount of trouble. Everything was dependent on the DMK (in alliance with the Congress) winning the elections in Tamil Nadu; after all, the DMK has investigations against several of their leaders. Just 2 years back, the DMK was in a very good position, Jayalalitha was still sulking after her […]

The shock to the DMK – the arrest of Kanimozhi; but what can do the DMK do ?

Finally the long awaited arrest happened. After the earlier arrest of DMK’s Raja, the investigation of the case by the CBI kept on moving ahead, guided by the ongoing investigation by the CBI, with media highlighting the various lapses by the CBI and by the investigation agencies, and with the Supreme Court looking into the […]