Is the BJP heading downhill ?

Seems a pretty absurd thing to say, given that they have a commanding majority in the Lok Sabha, are in power in a number of states across the country and there is a large amount of support from people across the country. And if the Modi Government can bring around the economy, then things will […]

The BJP finally took back Yeddyurappa in the party – bad ?

It must have been a bitter sweet experience. For long, the BJP wanted to get a hold in South India, a part of the country where it had been shut out. There were parts of Kerala where the RSS did have some influence, but no hope for the BJP to get any seats in Kerala. […]

Crisis in the Kerala CPM – fight between old rivals picks up over a murder

The Kerala CPM party has been in the throes of an ugly rivalry for some time now, and it is a very unique rivalry. On one side is the vote getter and very popular leader of the party, Achuthanandan, who is now in his late 80’s. He is the the known face of the party […]