The issues in AAP – ego or something more ?

It cannot get more shocking than this. When you take traditional parties such as the Congress, the Samajwadi Party, BSP, and numerous other parties, they all have a similar concept of organization. There will be a leadership, that is in the form of a strong person (or strong family) that runs the show, and whose […]

The mess in Karnataka – the BJP changes the chief minister again, forced by B S Yeddyurappa

For quite some time now, the BJP has been evolving into a more messy and chaotic scene in the state of Karnataka. For many years, the BJP was primarily known as a party that had no base in South India, with Maharashtra being the southern most point of power or influence. However, over a period […]

The upcoming tussle between the BJP and Nitish Kumar over Narendra Modi

There has always been signs of friction between Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi. Both of them campaign on the development front, but while Nitish Kumar looks for support for a wider section of society, including the muslim vote, Modi campaigns on a harder front, looking for more overt Hindu support while being much more focused […]