Aam Aadmi party ready to form Government in Delhi, with support from Congress

Just a few backs, the Congress was the party against which the AAP used to speak the most (justified since it is the Congress in power, not the BJP); so to switch over to a regime where it is in power based on the support of the Congress is a huge switch. It is the […]

What does the vote base of the AAP mean ?

This is probably one of the most argued issue in Indian politics, with a variety of opinion as to what the emergence of the AAP means. Politicians and analysts of all kinds have ventured their opinion on the rise of the AAP and the current decimation of the Congress in Delhi. For those who are […]

Elections results for 4+1 states – major changes expected ..

The recent elections in the 5 states that got completed on December 4th 2013 were very keenly contested. Except for Mizoram, where a popular group ensures that all the parties involved keep their electioneering in check (and minus the excesses that happen in all other states), the other 4 states (Delhi, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and […]