The issues in AAP – ego or something more ?

It cannot get more shocking than this. When you take traditional parties such as the Congress, the Samajwadi Party, BSP, and numerous other parties, they all have a similar concept of organization. There will be a leadership, that is in the form of a strong person (or strong family) that runs the show, and whose […]

The Delhi elections – interpretations

As the voting leads and results started coming in on the 10th of February, it was clear that something unprecedented was happening (it has happened before in some states – for example, Sikkim and Tamil Nadu), but it is rare all the same. Even more so in a location like Delhi that is supposed to […]

The Bihar problem: How does Nitish move ahead ?

A lot of people in Indian politics have known this problem; probably Jayalalitha was one of the few politicians who has not faced such a problem. This is not a quiz – this is the common scene when a powerful politician has to leave his position of power and hand over the reins to someone […]