Personal Finance: Insurance regulator gets strict on orphan policies

What are orphan insurance policies ? These are policies where the agent who sold these policies has shifter to another company, and the person who bought these policies no longer has an agent or an intermediary to help service them. This is a common problem in the life insurance business, since: – An agent will […]

Consumer: Telecom: Reliance Commnications fined Rs. 10,000 for being deficient in services

Getting an internet connection in modern India should be very easy, and it should almost be like a commodity. The customer pays for a connection, and the company provides the connection, and it works with minimum down time. But what do you when the company provides you with a connection that is old, even though […]

Post office executives to pay fine for non-delivery of email

Government Departments and utilities have always believed that they are above the law when it relates to stuff such as consumer interests, customer complaints, and consumer forum activities. However, given that these Government utilities such as telecom, electricity, water, roads, post offices, etc get money from consumers (either in the form of direct payment such […]