The Supreme Court decision on Section 377 – not in keeping with the times ..

The position on homosexuality is controversial the world-over, with religious feelings causing different reactions in different countries. For countries that are deeply inspired by Christian or Islamic thought, homosexuality is against the order of nature, and homosexuals can be prosecuted. Homosexuals are prosecuted in countries such as Saudi Arabia, since these countries are governed by […]

Justice Verma presents his much awaited report – and then ? Silence on behalf of the Government

This Government has been running on committees, with the former chief trouble-shooter of the Government, the now-President Pranab Mukherjee, being the head of numerous committees setup by the Government on innumerable issues (most of which never saw the sight of day). These committees played an integral part of the trouble-shooting process of the UPA (I […]

Introducing the ‘new’ Dilli : Badmizaaz, Badtameez, and Besharam.

Over the years, Delhi has been known and associated to various figures. From being Lord Krishna’s Delhi on the banks of Yamuna, Prithviraj Chauhan’s Delhi, The Mughal Dynasty’s Delhi it has finally changed and metamorphed into Today’s Delhi. Delhi of the 21st Century. So, I introduce to you, today’s Delhi, summed up in only three […]