Reasons why the Supreme Court gets into policy decisions, Government neglect

Each time there is a serious judgment by the Supreme Court or a report by the CAG which goes against the Government, there are a number of people who get up from the Government side and claim that all these constitutional bodies are over-stepping their boundaries and that it is only the Government which can […]

Andhra High Court strikes down the Congress effort for reachout to the Muslim community – the quota politics

For the Congress party, reaching out to the Muslim community is a very powerful imperative. The Muslim community forms a strong voting bloc in many regions of the country, and there are a number of contenders for the vote-bloc of the Muslim community (although there have been many postulations that, apart from not voting for […]

Air India and Indian Airlines – sucking in public funds without any end

The Indian airline industry is going through a period of losses, where the competition between the various airline companies has led to severe losses for many of those involved. So, for example, Kingfisher is facing huge problems in running a full service network, and was unable to run the low cost converted Air Deccan. However, […]