The National Herald Case and Congress protests in Parliament

This post is not about details of the National Herald Case and the intricate details of the case. That has been covered in every media outlet in detail, something that this post would never be able to cover. In brief, the National Herald case was about a corporate strategy, where the National Herald, a newspaper […]

Is the BJP heading downhill ?

Seems a pretty absurd thing to say, given that they have a commanding majority in the Lok Sabha, are in power in a number of states across the country and there is a large amount of support from people across the country. And if the Modi Government can bring around the economy, then things will […]

The pressure on Maharashtra Chief Minister – Fadnavis

After the election of Narendra Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha, there were a number of elections that happened in various states, primarily Congress ruled ones. So, for example, the large states of Haryana, J & K and Maharashtra had the Congress as the ruling party (in alliance with major and minor partners) while Jharkand […]