Consumer: Bank charged penalty for charging older customer more than newer customers

It is an established business fact that when banks give loans to their customers, they normally treat newer customers more attractively than they treat older customers. The terms and conditions of the loan specify for floating rate loan that banks can charge customers more (either by increasing the EMI amount, or the loan duration) if […]

Consumer: DDA fined Rs. 50,000 for delay in giving possession of a flat

The Delhi Development Authority had developed a huge number of flats in the Indian capital, and settled large sections of the capital (as per its mandate). However, experiences of people vary in terms of the customer-friendly nature of the Authority. For example, the Authority has been known to delay in handing over properties, land, and […]

Consumer: Telecom: Reliance Commnications fined Rs. 10,000 for being deficient in services

Getting an internet connection in modern India should be very easy, and it should almost be like a commodity. The customer pays for a connection, and the company provides the connection, and it works with minimum down time. But what do you when the company provides you with a connection that is old, even though […]