The collapse of the Congress – going steadily down

The 2014 Lok Sabha elections were like a kick to the teeth of the Congress. Reaching a historic low of 44 parliamentary seats, and being totally elbowed out of the Hindi heartland would be a rude shock to the party, but it was not exactly a sudden disaster. State elections before the Lok Sabha election […]

Rahul Gandhi and his sabbatical – impact on the Congress

Well, the Congress party hoped that there will be no impact, and that within a couple of weeks, things will roll over and everything will be fine. So far, maybe things are going even worse. After the initial set of sniggering and ridicule, nobody seems to care as to how long Rahul Gandhi is gone […]

Where does the Congress party go from here ?

This is one of the most curious questions in Indian politics right now, but in a problem for the Congress party, there are a large number of people who do not really care for what will bring the Congress party to life. There is no beating around the bush – the Congress is in a […]