Consumer forum finds for person not given shop by builder

Dealing with builders has always been a problem. A lot of people have smooth interactions with builders, and have got properties (whether these be residential or commercial) without any issues; however, it is also true that in many cases, especially in tough times when builders face problems in terms of funding, or being to complete […]

Consumer: Bank charged penalty for charging older customer more than newer customers

It is an established business fact that when banks give loans to their customers, they normally treat newer customers more attractively than they treat older customers. The terms and conditions of the loan specify for floating rate loan that banks can charge customers more (either by increasing the EMI amount, or the loan duration) if […]

Consumer: Man gets succour from Delhi High Court after hand gets crushed

One reads in the newspaper all the time about some accident whereby a person gets injured due to rash or negligent driving by the driver of a vehicle (in numerous cases, this rash driving would be done by the driver of a bus or truck, and because of the size and weight of this large […]