More and more talk about the Congress getting tired of Manmohan Singh, but …

For a long time, Manmohan Singh was an asset to the Congress. He stood for the values of efficiency, being a technocrat, and most obviously, not being a politician. There was some amount of wonder at the problem about how he was going to handle the allies and other political problems that the Congress parties […]

Turmoil over the Coalgate CBI affidavit in court – everything now depends on the Supreme Court

Every few weeks, we run into some sort of controversy where a minister of the Government does something or the other, and there comes a call for the person to resign. The opposition, primarily the BJP (and sometimes supported by other parties) try to needle the Government and give a call for the resignation of […]

Last act before leaving – CAG sends out report on MNREGA

Today was a big day for the UPA Government. A single person has been a source of huge problems for the Congress led Government over the past couple of years. It typically has been one person who can cause problems – for example, Seshan caused huge problems to the Government of that time when he […]