Indian economy – The problems for Chidambaram ….

Right now, the various credit rating agencies are probably the biggest saviors of the Indian economy, and are the only ones standing in the way of the ongoing destruction of fiscal principles (some would even call it the rape of the Indian economy) by the 2 UPA (chiefly Congress) Governments. But this is not something […]

Mis-statements by Congress leaders – what’s happening ?

For some time now, the Congress has been in a bad situation. Ever since the hammers of the 2G scam, the spending on the Commonwealth Games and the Adarsh scam hit, it almost seems like the Congress does not know what to do next. Corruption has always been a part of the Indian polity, part […]

2G scam continues to haunt the Government – SC asks why PM did not follow through

The 2G scam continues to haunt the Congress party. For quite some time, the Congress evaded that there was any issue with the 2G scam issue, claimed that this was a policy decision (with the honorable purpose of reducing the telecom rates), that the CAG was off its rocker, that the Supreme Court had no […]