With Lokpal, has Congress really changed ? Well, what about Laloo and Adarsh ?

After the disastrous state elections (with the results coming out on the 8th of December, 2013), the Congress seemed to atleast get into introspection. For a party that was seemingly seeing itself as invincible, the shock imparted by the electorate which put BJP Governments back into power and removed 2 Congress Governments must have counted […]

Supreme Court orders Government to work out autonomy for the CBI .. but ..

The CBI could be one of the most powerful organizations against the high levels of corruption that we see. Okay, pipe dream over. For decades now, the CBI has been one of the organizations that has been the most controlled by the Government in power, and this is something that has been recognized as well. […]

The Congress finally decides to sacrifice its 2 ministers – still egg on its face ..

The leader of the Congress has long been a master of perceptions, starting from when she gave up the throne to Manmohan Singh and attained a saint like presence. So, the events of the past couple of days have been really confusing as to the intentions of the Congress. For the past couple of years, […]