Misuse of the CBI – Will the BJP reverse the course of the Congress ?

It’s been 2 years now, enough time to evaluate how the Govt is doing on its stated mission of reducing corruption in Government. Now, the Modi Govt claims that top level corruption is down, and there have not been any major stories (backed by some evidence) about any corruption in the top levels of Government. […]

The sad state of police independence / official investigations and corruption

This is a depressing story. Once in a while you hear about a young idealist officer who decides to take action against corruption, against illegal activities, and so on, and then goes down valiantly fighting, with the system being against him / her. If this was a movie, then the official or police officer could […]

Manmohan Singh and the summons over Coalgate – Hindalco case

“Be you ever so high, law is above you”. Sometimes a saying can capture the concept of law and justice like no case can. It is a popular saying that law is supreme, that nobody is above the law. This has been proven in many countries where the high and mighty have been felled by […]