The cash for votes scam – High court knocks aside basis of police complaint

Ever since a few BJP MP’s stood up in Parliament and displayed currency notes, claiming that they were being tried to be bribed for their vote, things have gone topsy turvy. The Delhi police ignored the case, putting it in deep freeze for a number of years (I would think that this was logical from […]

Khap panchayat leader and others convicted of heinous murder, no major impact on policemen who did not do their duties

Khap panchayats are a curse on many areas of North India. In rural areas, these caste ‘panchayats’ would comprise of the caste elders, while they were not constituted under any law or any legal structure. Under some arcane beliefs, these would meet and then bring the alleged offenders in front of them. And what was […]

Sentencing public officials for preventing flow of pollutants into a river

Indian rivers are filthy, with frequent reports of how the level of contaminants in the rivers of the country (including the holy rivers) is much (many times) over the levels that are fit for humans to even bathe in, forget drinking. As an example, the Yamuna is now considered to be of the same level […]