The fury of the righteous – what happens when it turns on itself

The Tarun Tejpal affair is dominating the media during the current week, and the biggest anticipation is about when he will be arrested (he has reached Goa, and has got bail till the morning, so arrest after that is expected). It almost seems like a festival, except that it is a dead serious issue. The […]

Akali leader in Punjab arrested for shooting dead a police officer who opposed eve-teasing

The problem of eve-teasing in this country is incredible. Over a period of time, instead of girls and women feeling safe in the country, things have got worse. There have been these cases where girls have been stalked and then raped and killed, or otherwise harassed. One would expect that this would be a matter […]

The saga about the cartoonist – the High Court intervenes

For some time now, there has been a lot of discourse about cartoons and their perspective within the Indian space. So, some time back, there was a huge uproar over a cartoon, many decades old, and accepted by the political leaders of newly independent India, which was not accepted any more by the current leaders […]