The saga about the cartoonist – the High Court intervenes

For some time now, there has been a lot of discourse about cartoons and their perspective within the Indian space. So, some time back, there was a huge uproar over a cartoon, many decades old, and accepted by the political leaders of newly independent India, which was not accepted any more by the current leaders […]


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The recent uproar in the India Parliament over ambedkar’s 60 year old cartoon lead to the resignation […]

Rising levels of intolerance among our politicians – at a time when their actions make them more open to ridicule

For some time now, there is a rising level of intolerance in our society. Actions that were seen as innocent earlier are now vociferously objected to, and there is a sort of mob mentality when it comes to various slights that politicians feel. This was exhibited in the various objections that politicians had when they […]