Last act before leaving – CAG sends out report on MNREGA

Today was a big day for the UPA Government. A single person has been a source of huge problems for the Congress led Government over the past couple of years. It typically has been one person who can cause problems – for example, Seshan caused huge problems to the Government of that time when he […]

Speech by the Prime Minister for sacrifices and comparing the situation to 1991 ??

For the last few days, there were many reports in the press about the Prime Minister coming forward to address the nation about the reform movement, and given his history of being the main person behind the reform movement in 1991 (although it is missed that without the support of PV Narasimha Rao, he would […]

The coal scam – one round of outrage, the next when the CAG report comes ..

A few days back, there was a leakage of a report that was supposed to be a draft CAG report on the coal sector. If people were surprised at the number of zeroes outlined in the 2G scam, the coal scam as outlined in the draft CAG report was many times larger, figures that are […]