Inflation numbers

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We got the recent inflation numbers this week. The government usually underestimates them. But for the sake of argument lets go with what they say. The CPI (consumer price […]

A quick rollback of the Railway Budget – new minister Mukul Roy will toe Mamta’s line

This has been a very surprising and strange week in Indian politics. In today’s world, with coalition politics, you can see the pressure that the Prime Minister faces, and the PM has mentioned this a number of times already – with statements to the effect that the pressure of coalition politics puts pressure against taking […]

The two B’s: Budget and Black Money

The issue of the black money is growing day by day whereas on the other hand there are high level meetings for the budget session. The most effective challenge before the Indian Government will be to tackle both of them at a same time. The most prominent thing that is to be noted is that […]