Getting back black money of Indians from overseas: Who is serious ?

The concept of getting back black money deposited by Indian abroad is an old concept. Most research and studies predict that Indians have a large amount of black money abroad, located in different places (although most people talk about Switzerland as the place where there is a lot of Indian black money). Why is this […]

Baba Ramdev starts on his fast; Congress speaks in 2 languages – diplomacy and Digvijay Singh

Ever since the Anna Hazare fast showed the Congress the amount of anger present in the masses over corruption, combined with the ongoing blasting that the Government receives over the CWG games and the 2G scam, there has been a worried feeling about the impact of mass agitations that get the population worked up and […]

The two B’s: Budget and Black Money

The issue of the black money is growing day by day whereas on the other hand there are high level meetings for the budget session. The most effective challenge before the Indian Government will be to tackle both of them at a same time. The most prominent thing that is to be noted is that […]