Exit polls for states – Assam, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Kerala and Puducherry

In India, the electoral scene has got so tough over the years that state polls are seen as a barometer of how well the political parties are doing. So, before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP was winning in the elections held in states months before the national elections, and it was as a […]

Politicians losing their way – Mamta Banerjee ..

It can be sometimes hard to look at a disaster happening and wonder why that disaster is happening, and yet it continues to happen; in a number of cases, it seems like because of the arrogance of one person – in most cases, it is one person rather than a group. This starting line seems […]

Mamta Banerjee and the series of mistakes – arresting a professor for a cartoon

Mamta Banerjee did what seemed impossible; the Left Front had been in power in West Bengal for decades and seemed to be always on top politically. However, she set herself the game plan of being projected as the primary opposition in the state, and slowly pushed for a change in the Government in the state. […]