Where is Rahul Gandhi’s promise on corruption ?

This is the main problem with politics; people make promises to try and ensure a better image for themselves with the people, including the voting citizens, and then have to make a step back when faced with some hard realities. However, by this time, there is very little sympathy for them, for the hard choices […]

With Lokpal, has Congress really changed ? Well, what about Laloo and Adarsh ?

After the disastrous state elections (with the results coming out on the 8th of December, 2013), the Congress seemed to atleast get into introspection. For a party that was seemingly seeing itself as invincible, the shock imparted by the electorate which put BJP Governments back into power and removed 2 Congress Governments must have counted […]

The CBI finally files a chargesheet in the Adarsh scam, names Ashok Chavan

For many months now, the Adarsh housing community scam has been hitting the headlines; with the rampant collusion between officials from the military, from Maharashtra politicians and from the officialdom creating a building where none should have come up, and increasing the number of floors much beyond what was originally approved (apparently to accommodate the […]