Finally concluded – the saga of Devyani Khobragade

How quickly items can vanish from the news and from consciousness. The controversy over the Devyani arrest in New York was literally front page news for a month, and during this time, it seemed that the United States and India are adversaries, what with the amount of analysis of various actions taken by the authorities […]

The fury of the righteous – what happens when it turns on itself

The Tarun Tejpal affair is dominating the media during the current week, and the biggest anticipation is about when he will be arrested (he has reached Goa, and has got bail till the morning, so arrest after that is expected). It almost seems like a festival, except that it is a dead serious issue. The […]

The strange case of getting arrested for making a non-offensive Facebook post in Maharashtra

This was a case that had shocked India, and galvanized pressure from the media and from the online community, and also highlighted a significant number of problems. Disclosures from the case have been coming even now, although it has been weeks and continue to raise concern. By now, a number of urban people would have […]