Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal – final split ?

Ever since Anna Hazare and the people around him, which included Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi hit the headlines in 2011 during the entire agitation for Jan Lokpal, they have been one of the most discussed people on TV. When you look at politicians who get airtime (even if it is to report stuff against […]

Arvind Kejriwal shaking up things – but will this make a difference ?

You know when the Congress party trots out Digvijay Singh to take on somebody who is attacking the party, that it is time for the party to take to the offensive in a way of challenging the credentials of the attacker. It is the point at which the party gives up on using its traditional […]

The Government continues its attack on Anna’s team – anti-national, politically driven, etc ..

You know that your attacks are hitting home when the attacked is driven to issue statements that are all over the place, like the fulmination of a person who does not know what to do. So, ever since the recent series of attacks on the Prime Minister by team Anna (which have unfortunately not been […]