The Government continues its attack on Anna’s team – anti-national, politically driven, etc ..

You know that your attacks are hitting home when the attacked is driven to issue statements that are all over the place, like the fulmination of a person who does not know what to do. So, ever since the recent series of attacks on the Prime Minister by team Anna (which have unfortunately not been […]

Anna Hazare and the people of India win this round, the Government accepts demand for change in process for setting up Lokpal

After a 4 day fast, the Government of India gave up and accepted the demands spearheaded by Anna Hazare. Initially it looked difficult. After all we are talking about the ruling party of the country, which has been ruling for around 7 years now and, based on the last few years, has been implicated in […]

Anna Hazare launches a crusade against corruption, for a strong Lokpal; Government not willing

If you were to ask an Indian citizen about whether the Government, comprising of their elected representatives (politicians) and bureaucrats, were corrupt, you would most likely get an earful about the amount of corruption that is all pervasive in the country; at all levels and positions. Scare is the person who would not have to […]