Sanctity of the parliament and the democratic process

Towards the end of August last year, a large section of articulate India, partly whetted with the saturation coverage by electronic media, was waiting with bated breath to see the outcome of the indefinite fast undertaken by Anna Hazare in Delhi demanding acceptance by the parliament of a time-bound commitment to pass an […]

The Government continues its attack on Anna’s team – anti-national, politically driven, etc ..

You know that your attacks are hitting home when the attacked is driven to issue statements that are all over the place, like the fulmination of a person who does not know what to do. So, ever since the recent series of attacks on the Prime Minister by team Anna (which have unfortunately not been […]

Coalgate – Confrontation between the Congress and team Anna – the PM joins the battle

The fight between team Anna and the Congress is getting bitter. It is pretty clear by now that the Congress will not pass a Lokpal Bill in Parliament, and the rest of the political space will support them in this (even a party such as the BJP will prominently publicly push for the Lokpal, but […]