The Lokpal Bill – Rahul Gandhi and Anna Hazare claiming credit

It was so funny and yet was being covered seriously. Apparently, there was a lovey-dovey exchange of mails between Rahul Gandhi and Anna Hazare over claiming credit for the passage of the Lokpal Bill, although the BJP also tried to take credit for constantly pushing the Congress for getting the bill passed. It was hilarious […]

What has Aam Aadmi party brought to the political scene ?

In the past 1 year, there has been a sort of political earthquake in Delhi, the national capital. In 2011, the agitation for the Jan Lokpal galvanized crowds all over the country and almost brought the Government down on its knees (of course, with the kind of advice that the Government was getting from the […]

Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal – final split ?

Ever since Anna Hazare and the people around him, which included Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi hit the headlines in 2011 during the entire agitation for Jan Lokpal, they have been one of the most discussed people on TV. When you look at politicians who get airtime (even if it is to report stuff against […]