What did Akhilesh’s press conference defending the Saifai event accomplish ?

When the Prime Minister did a press conference a few days ago, at the end of the press conference, it was hard to figure out whether there was anything that had happened, except for it being the 3rd and last press conference by the Prime Minister. Any question that was difficult, the PM either ignored […]

Congress Government down to its last set of fickle supporters – SP and BSP

Who would have thought that the Government would have reached this point ? Just a few months back, the Congress Government looked set to continue with its set of allies to the next elections in 2014. By that time, the internal strife in the BJP would have escalated, or maybe the emergence of Narendra Modi […]

Uttar Pradesh elections – some challenges facing Akhilesh Yadav

In the 1984 elections, after the sudden death by assassination of Indira Gandhi, her son became the new Prime Minister and in the polls soon after, he got an astounding number of parliamentary seats giving him a huge majority – with 411 MP’s out of a total possible of 543, this was a huge mandate […]