The issues in AAP – ego or something more ?

It cannot get more shocking than this. When you take traditional parties such as the Congress, the Samajwadi Party, BSP, and numerous other parties, they all have a similar concept of organization. There will be a leadership, that is in the form of a strong person (or strong family) that runs the show, and whose […]

The Delhi elections – too many complexities

For such a small state, when you compare with the neighbors, Delhi seems to have an over-sized political significance. Delhi has 7 Lok Sabha seats while the neighboring Uttar Pradesh has more than 80 Lok Sabha seats. Yet, the amount of media attention that is being paid to the Delhi state elections is incredible. And […]

The AAP – BJP: Is the BJP really doing right ?

The whole of 2013 belonged to Modi. In fact, the most important stage in the entire BJP revival hinged upon whether Modi and the BJP would be re-elected in the state of Gujarat, and once that happened, the next steps had to happen. The Congress was going down, and the BJP knew that it needed […]