Post office executives to pay fine for non-delivery of email

Government Departments and utilities have always believed that they are above the law when it relates to stuff such as consumer interests, customer complaints, and consumer forum activities. However, given that these Government utilities such as telecom, electricity, water, roads, post offices, etc get money from consumers (either in the form of direct payment such […]

Use SMS to file complaints in the Pimpri-Chinchwad area

Municipal authorities have always been accused of being slow to adapt to modern technology, but now it seems that they are catching up to modern technology and adoption of the same so that their consumers find it easier to file complaints and interact with the municipal authorities. Consider this case of the municipal corporation of […]

Online tax filing in India (use of modern technology)

One always thinks of the Government as being slow, not able to catch onto the latest technology trends, and using old procedures. However, this is not always true, and the Government has been able to surprise us many times by showing its ability to adopt some of the newer technologies, and at the same time, […]