India needs a Fox

Social networking is still considered to be a bane for crowd-sourced anti-establishment movements in some Islamic/Dictatorial countries, but in India however, the over-reaching power of the liberal media more than makes up for this.

When the rape of the 23-year-old student from Delhi occurred 10 days ago, the simmer had reached to a boil and […]

India Consumer: Banks levying charge on pre-payment

You have a loan from a regular private sector bank, and your loan is for a 15 year period. Most people I know, including you, will not want to have the loan continuing for the full period of the loan, and would rather do prepayments as much as possible. However, banks apparently charge an interest […]

Preparation for the Commonwealth Games – how good are we ?

First of all, it is difficult for an individual to really find out what the current state of the preparation for the Commonwealth Games is ? The current reality is that there is work needed to be done at various fronts – the Delhi Government has set in process a huge amount of infrastructure improvements […]