Current India’s Picture – Root Cause Analysis in a Soft Engineer’s language

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Today when I was driving down my way back from office to home, on a square the traffic police wasn’t present and people were driving crazily just to reach their home 2 minutes early. […]

Delhi collapses after 4 hours of rain

Be careful what you wish for ! Delhi and North India were bereft of rain during the first month of the rainy season. A bit about why Delhi is special. This is a city that is supposed to become a world class city, a city that will host the Commonwealth Games. It is the city […]

Sending a drunk pillion rider to jail

For some time now, the Mumbai police has been waging an intense campaign against drunk driving, including the use of jail time (anywhere from 1 day to multiple days) as part of the measures against drunk driving. This had surprised many people since observing traffic laws (including road safety laws such as not drinking and […]